Timeslips by Sage

Why Sage Timeslips?

Sage Timeslips makes it easy to capture more billable hours, increase profitability and productivity, and deliver more accurate and timely billing to your clients.


Smart time and expense entry.

  • Make accurate and efficient time and expense tracking easy with Sage Timeslips.
  • Sage Timeslips eCenter is an add-on product that provides web-based time and expense entry and tracking when you are away from your desk. eCenter is accessible on any device with a browser and Internet connection, including laptops, Apple® Macs, Apple® iPads, Android® Tablets, or smartphones.
  • Utilize voice recognition to enter details in the description area of free form text fields such as slip and accounts receivable descriptions, client in reference to information, and client notes.

Intuitive bill generation.

Sage Timeslips’ drag-and-drop customization makes it quick and easy to generate professional-looking bills. Industry standard electronic billing formats are supported, including LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor. Multiple billing arrangements are supported for each client, including hourly, flat, contingency, percent complete, and more.

Simple report design and customization.

Sage Timeslips contains over 100 predefined reports designed to meet the needs of service professionals. Create custom reports and graphs or generate a detailed or summary report of every task performed in your organization. The intuitive report wizard walks you through the report set up, making this task quick and simple.

Complete accounts receivable and retainer/trust account management.

Sage Timeslips allows for easy entry of bill payments and other transactions, such as write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers. Choose from many of the available A/R reports included with the invoicing software. Define your own aging periods, allocate payments to timekeepers, set up discount rules for early payments, and more.


  • Contemporaneous data entry captures more billable hours.
  • Accurate and timely billings smooth out cash flow.
  • Clear and consistent communication with clients.
  • Easily analyze the profitability and productivity of timekeepers and projects.
  • Minimize non-billable administrative time for professional timekeepers.
  • Present accurate information to your accounting system.

Capture your organization's billable time. ALL of it.

If we could help you produce almost $10,000 more per timekeeper per year, would you be interested in learning more? Here’s how and the math behind it:

Implement a billing system that is easy for timekeepers to use during their busy days in and out of the office servicing clients. Because the system has been well thought out and timekeepers are well trained on the system, it should be easy for timekeepers to capture an extra 15 minutes per day.

  • .25 hours @ $150 per hour (avg. rate)     = $37.50
  • $37.50 additional per day x 5 days           = $187.50 per week
  • $187.50 additional per week x 52 weeks = $9,750 per year

Add in streamlined billing and collection procedures along with a suite of management reports and most of your time tracked and billed should be collected in a timely manner.

Sage Timeslips is an industry-leading time and billing solution that has been satisfying service organizations for over 25 years—and it can help your company, too!

Timeslips Certified Consultant