August Service Release for Timeslips 2019/Premium Now Available

Sage Timeslips Premium & Sage Timeslips 2019 has a number of new & exciting enhancements with this new Service Release:

Redesigned security system provides a summary view of timekeepers and allows you to require stricter passwords
This new updated security system (select Setup, Security, Security Settings) makes it easier to maintain security for your timekeepers, providing an overview of all timekeepers. This new overview also allows you set custom password rules, requiring timekeepers to create more difficult passwords.

Redesigned security system provides more control over access rights
Also, the new redesigned security system enhances the existing system, it expands the areas where you can restrict access.

Billing Info tab for invoice transactions provides quick access to slips and transactions that appeared on that invoice and bill images
The new Billing Info tab groups several pieces of information and reports. Here you can reprint associated bills, review slips and transactions that are associated with this bill. You also can review the bill arrangements used on the bill.

You can initiate a LawPay transaction from eCenter
If you have eCenter & have a LawPay account, you can now provide a payment link to your customers who are set up in eCenter’s Client Access.

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