TimeSolv Certified Consultant Announcement

TimeSolv Certified Consultant LogoI am pleased to report that I have taken the plunge and gotten certified in a cloud-based time and billing application called TimeSolv.

Timeslips is an excellent billing application that is used by many of our clients, and has been popular in law offices for many years. However, recent changes in the way Timeslips is being sold and supported by Sage has caused some clients to start asking about alternatives, especially those firms considering a move to a cloud-based billing system. For those clients, TimeSolv may well be the ideal answer.  If you like what you see and are curious, let’s talk more about your situation.

TimeSolv is a complete billing and accounts receivable system, with multiple billing formats, multiple billing rates, compliance with LEDES, Chubb, and other electronic bill audit services, trust accounting, conflict checking, and a slew of other interesting billing features.  Feature by feature, it matches up very closely with Timeslips’ capabilities. And it offers a few things that Timeslips does not.

I will remain actively involved in selling and supporting Timeslips, and continue to believe that Timeslips is a solid billing product.  Changes in corporate policy at software companies dictate that independent consultants need to keep all of our options open at all times. I want to be fully prepared to support all of my clients in whatever direction they may choose to move. Finding cloud-based alternatives to traditional billing software falls into this category.  I believe, based on what I have seen so far, that TimeSolv is a solid billing option for Timeslips users who are concerned about Sage’s new support policies, or who are interested in moving to the Cloud.

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